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Does Size Really Matter? Singles vs Doubles vs Trebles

Does Size Really Matter? Singles vs Doubles vs Trebles

Posted on 11 Dec 2020 By Coal Hut

When it comes to premium house coal, there are a number of choices that need to be made in order to produce the best result possible. Not all coal will produce the same results. Therefore, it is important to equip yourself with the necessary information regarding the difference between house coal doubles, house coal trebles and other alternatives.


Do All House Coals Produce the Same Result?


It may come as somewhat of a surprise to learn that different coals can produce hugely different results. However, something that generally can be said to bring them together is the high levels of heat and unique, aesthetically captivating flames that they produce.


Whilst the quality of coal will not diminish between doubles and trebles, their effects and usage will somewhat differ due to the differences in size. Taking into account the likes of “smokeless” coal as well, the following can all vary massively depending on which specific type of fuel you choose to purchase:

  • Duration of time the coal burns for 

  • The amount and type of smoke which is produced 

  • The amount of heat which is produced during burning

  • Whether ash is produced and how much of this by-product is left over


What Impact Does Size Have on Coal?

The origin of the fuel is not the only factor which you need to consider. The second influence on the effect of your coal is its size. Whilst size will of course not affect the quality of the fuel, it will determine how it burns as well as lighting. High-quality fuel is available at doubles and trebles. 


Our Colombian Doubles come with the following attributes:

Our Colombian Trebles come with the following attributes:

Approximately 20-55mm in size, meaning that they are generally easier to light and therefore easier to get the fire started 

Approximately 50-90mm in size, meaning that they usually take longer to get the fire started in the first place

Burn for longer than singles due to the larger size

They generally burn faster than trebles, meaning that you will need to refuel your fire more frequently

Once established they will also give off a 5-star quality high heat output and burn with an alluring, distinct, long flame

Produce a 5-star quality heat output

Do Not need to be refuelled as often as doubles

Have very low ash levels (2%)

Have very low ash levels (2%)


The major differences between singles and doubles lie in the amount of time they burn for, as well as how long it typically takes to get them going. This, of course, makes trebles house coal a more price-efficient option than doubles, as you won’t need to refuel your fire quite as often. However, doubles come with the benefit of being more convenient and easy to light. 

You’ll find that buying online isn’t just quick and simple, it will probably cost less than you think, especially if you buy in bulk with one of our special offers. Our website shows our full range of coal and other products. Place your order with today and your coal will be with you within 5 days!