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Do you live in the smoke controlled area in Croydon? Don’t worry! You too can enjoy the warm and cosy experience of high-quality fuels with Coal Hut’s smokeless coal range. 

Coal Hut’s Top Products 

Here at, we offer our customers a wide range of smokeless coal for them to choose from. To give you a quick taster of the premium products that we have to offer, here are top three products here:

      1. Glolite Smokeless Fuel 25kg

Glolite’s are manufactured smokeless ovoids: achieving the highest in our heat output, fire life and ash content, these smokeless ovals are not only value for money but also easy to light, but also provide a sustained and controlled hear that burns to fine residual ash (making clean up easy!). 

      2. Anthracite Grains Smokeless Fuel 25kg

Anthracite Grains are uniformly sized pieces of high-grade Welsh anthracite which are suitable for smoke control zones. They have a low flame with a long burn time making then ideal for winter’s cold nights! If you are looking or natural clean-burning coal for your gravity fed and hopper fed boilers than Anthracite Grains are what you need!

      3. Wonderco Smokeless Fuel 25kg

Wonderco Smokeless Fuel is a petroleum coke product. It produces a high concentrated heat output and a loving and dancing warm glow. Due to Wondercoal’s high fire-bed temperatures, we recommend that you blend Wondercoal with other ash-bearing fuels such as our Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs or our Glolite Smokeless Fuel.

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