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Coal Briquettes

Our 10kg lignite coal briquettes have a longer burn time than traditional logs and come in bales of 18 individual briquettes. They have a high heat output and used on their own or with our kiln dried logs they’ll greatly increase the life of your fire. They’re perfect for open fires as well and multi-fuel stoves. When you build up your fire with coal briquettes before bed you’ll come down the next morning to warm embers that will make relighting your fire quick and easy.

What are Lignite Coal Briquettes?

Alongside the large pieces of coal produced when mining, the process also creates a huge amount of tiny fragments. These are compressed and bound to make coal briquettes. Lignite also referred to as brown coal, is used to make coal briquettes that are extremely easy to light, produce less ash than other fuels and are more resistant to damp.

Coal Briquette Uses

Lignite coal briquettes are widely used for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Their good heat output and long fire life along with their suitability for use with other fuels make them an extremely popular product.

Great value fuel Coal Briquettes

We supply lignite coal briquettes in 45 or 90 bale quantities and you can order them for as little as £3.11 per bale. That’s really great value for money and when you buy from Coal Hut your briquettes will be delivered straight to your door anywhere in the UK or Ireland. That’s excellent value and service for a long burning, high-quality fuel.