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Coal For Sale Birmingham

High-quality coal can be hard to come by. That’s why, at Coal Hut, we deliver our industry-leading coals to any location in Birmingham. West Bromwich, Tamworth, Solihull - it doesn’t matter. For Birmingham customers, we promise the same speedy delivery times on each and every coal product on

Coal for sale in Birmingham

  1. Five Star Coal - Comprised of premium grade coals that produce a high heat output, sustained fire life and low ash content. This coal is favoured by the traditionalists because of the homeliness factor it offers when used in open fires.
  2. House Doubles - For use in open fires and stoves, this coal is a great all-rounder. Made from medium-sized pieces of coal that burn with an attractive flame with a fine, easy to clean residual ash content.
  3. Colombian Group 2 Coal - Hailing exclusively from Colombian mines, this premium coal is an industry-leading fuel product. It’s super easy to light and it’s concentrated heat output will warm any Birmingham home.
  4. Singles - Singles is the perfect fuel solution for small fireplaces and pot-belly stoves. It can be paired with other fuels to maintain heat, tame roaring fires and to extend burn time. Plus, it won’t burn through your wallet.

For Birmingham customers that live within a smoke control area, Coal Hut offer a range of smokeless coals that perform to an equally high standard as our traditional, bituminous coal. With smokeless fuels for everything from open fires to gravity-fed boilers, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

Smokeless Coal for sale in Birmingham

  1. Glolite - Glolite is a real show off. Perfect in terms of heat output, fire life and ash content, there isn’t much that this smokeless coal can’t do. For best results, use Glolite in open fires and multi-fuel stoves.
  2. Large Aga Nuts - Made from large pieces of Welsh anthracite, Large Aga Nuts are a naturally clean-burning fuel that work best in heaters, cookers and boilers. Their low flame ensures an extended fire life with minimum tending required.
  3. Anthracite Beans -  Does your Birmingham home have a gravity-fed boiler? If so, you need our Anthracite Beans. Made up of uniformly-sized pieces of premium grade Welsh anthracite, so quality is assured.
  4. Glovoids - Famed for its consistency across all departments, Glovoids is a cheap smokeless coal that performs well in every department.

Remember, no matter your location, be it Smethwick, Wallsal, Dudley or further afield, Coal Hut can deliver any of our amazing coal and smokeless fuel products straight to you. Visit to check out the other fuel products that we offer.