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Coal For Sale Nottingham

Did you know that Coal Hut can deliver our industry-leading coal products to Nottingham, no matter the location? We have experience serving customers in Hyson Green, Lenton, Radford and beyond. Wherever you live, you can rest assured that you’ll receive you coal products fast when you order online at

Coal for sale in Nottingham

  1. Colombian Group 2 Coal - A premium house coal sourced exclusively from Colombian mines. Made from large pieces that light easily and burn with an attractive and sustained flame. It’s easy to see why Colombian Group 2 is one of our star buys.
  2. Surelite - Thanks to its compact, manufactured ovoid shape, Surelite can be stacked easily in the grate of any open fire or multi-fuel stove. This will extend burn time and make it easier to clean away any residual ash content.
  3. House Coal - A cost-effective-yet-reliable coal. On top of its affordability, House Coal performs consistently well in each department, including heat output, fire life and ash content.
  4. Singles - Singles is a very versatile coal. It is perfect for small fireplaces and pot-belly stoves. What’s more, it can be paired with other fuels to maintain heat, to bank down fires overnight and to tame a roaring fire.

Perhaps where you live in Nottingham is classed as a smoke control area. If this is the case, there’s no need to worry. Coal Hut also offers a range of smokeless coals that perform to the same high standard as our traditional, bituminous products. Check them out below.

Smokeless coal for sale in Nottingham

  1. Wonderco - After a chilly evening stroll, you need to heat your Nottingham home quickly. You need Wonderco. From first light, it produces a high concentrated heat. Because of the high fire-bed temperatures, we recommend pairing it with other ash-bearing fuels.
  2. Glolite - Glolite is faultless in every department. Perfect in terms of heat output and fire life. Plus, it produces a low residual ash content that makes for easy cleaning out of the grate of your open fire or multi-fuel stove.
  3. Phurnacite - When used in closed appliances, Phurnacite produces unrivalled heat output. In any room with a room heater, multi-fuel stove or something similar, Phurnacite is sure to enhance the cosiness factor.
  4. Glovoids - An all-round smokeless coal with consistent quality at a competitive price. If you’re on a budget and want a smokeless fuel with above average performance in each department, Glovoids is the choice for you.

When you order coal or smokeless fuel online at, you’re sure to be amazed by our speedy delivery times. Remember, your location in Nottingham doesn’t matter. Bakersfield, Sneinton, West Bridgford - it’s all the same to us. Order online, today!