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Esse Nuts

Small Esse Nuts from are perfect for use in smoke control areas. They burn with a low flame and have an extremely high heat output. Esse nuts are clean burning fuel that burn for a long time to give a great fire life while producing only a low a low to medium quantity of compact ash.

What are Esse Nuts?

Esse nuts are small to medium sized pieces of anthracite, a very hard and compact form of coal that’s been used since it was discovered in the early 19th century. Anthracite contains up to 98% carbon which is the highest carbon content of any coal. It also has the fewest impurities making it a very clean burning and popular choice of smokeless fuel. Anthracite has the highest energy density (energy stored per unit volume of coal) of any form of coal apart from graphite.

While anthracite is graded in different categories, Esse Nuts from are made from deep mined, high-grade Welsh anthracite. As well as being more dense and pure than other forms of coal, anthracite has a much lower moisture content.


Esse Nuts produce a very high heat output over a long period. Their long fire life and cleanliness makes them perfect for use in all sorts of closed appliances like glass fronted fires and room heaters because you can enjoy the heat of a real fire for even longer while using less coal. Esse Nuts are also commonly used in boilers and cookers. Their low ash output makes the appliance easy to clean and burning Esse Nuts allows greater and more immediate control over the fire’s heat than other forms of coal. Esse Nuts provide a very efficient form of long lasting heat with little maintenance compared to other forms of coal.

Buy Esse Nuts from Coal Hut and save

At we sell Small Esse Nuts in 25kg bags. You can order 10, 20 or 40 bag pallets and your order will be delivered free to your door anywhere in the UK or Ireland. As with all our fuels, the more you order, the more you save and the longer your clean burning Esse Nuts will keep your home warm and your fire burning before the need to re-order. Prices for Small Esse Nuts from start at just £8.50 per bag. That’s great value for money for this popular, efficient, clean and natural smokeless fuel.