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Homefire Smokeless Fuel

Homefire Smokeless Fuel is one of our most popular coals. It’s ideal for use in all open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Homefire Smokeless comes in the form of ovoids – oval pieces of manufactured coal. Their shape allows them to pack together tightly in your fire or appliance, so the fire burns with a high heat output while leaving only low amounts of residual ash. Homefire Smokeless Fuels have a long burn time, lasting up to 40% longer than traditional coal. That’s one of the reasons why many of our customers choose Homefire Smokeless Fuel over other coals even they don’t live in smoke control areas.

Homefire Smokeless Fuel is great for the environment

Because Homefire smokeless fuel burns longer than traditional coal and produces more heat, you use less. It’s manufactured specifically to produce less smoke than traditional coal and actually gives off a massive 80% less smoke than ordinary household coal. That not only makes it perfect for use in smoke control zones but great for the environment too. It also produces up to 40% less carbon monoxide than traditional coal, so it’s cleaner and even safer than other coals.

Homefire Smokeless Fuel is great for your pocket

Homefire Smokeless fuel costs more than traditional coal but because it burns for longer and gives out so much heat, you use less – More heat from less coal! That means a bag of Homefire Smokeless Fuel will last longer than a bag of ordinary coal. In fact, customers who’ve used both tell us that the overall cost of using Homefire Smokeless Fuel works out around the same as the traditional coal they used previously.

Great value for money – delivered right to your door

We’ll deliver Homefire smokeless fuel directly to your door. It comes in 25Kg bags in quantities of 10, 20 or 40 bags. The more you order, the more you can save. Order a 40 bag pallet and you’ll save £60! Delivery is free throughout the UK and Ireland. Have a look to see how much you can save and remember to check our website regular to find on what products are on special offer each week.