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Different Grades of House Coal

Bituminous house coal is always extremely popular and has been used in open fires and home heating appliances for generations. Unlike smokeless fuel, house coal is a natural product that can be used in open fires and multi-fuel stoves. There are different grades of house coal, all offering slightly varying degrees of heat, lifespan and the amount of residual ash produced. However, as you would expect from Coal Hut, all our house coals are of an extremely high standard as well as being very competitively priced.

House coal and house doubles

Our standard house coal comes in 25Kg bags and is consistently popular with our customers. It’s a great all round coal with good heat output and it burns for a long time with an attractive flame – great for those cosy nights in.

House doubles are slightly bigger pieces of coal that burn with the same heat, flame and duration as our standard house coal. Both house coal and house doubles leave a fluffy residual ash, which is easy to clean.

Five Star house coal

Our Five Star house produces high heat output and has a long burn time. Five star coal produces even smaller amounts of fluffy residual ash than our standard house coal.

Five Star doubles

Doubles refers to the size of the coal pieces. Our Five Star doubles have slightly smaller pieces than traditional coal but are a great, high quality option when choosing your house coal.

Columbian Group 2 Coal

Bituminous house coal is mined all over the world but Columbian coal is considered to be the best house coal available for domestic use. Mined exclusively in Columbian coalmines, our Columbian Group 2 coal is largely accepted to be the premium house coal on the market. The large pieces light with ease and give off a high, concentrated heat. Colombian Group 2 house coal burns with a natural, high flame and leaves little residual ash.

Whichever type you choose, you can be sure that your house coal from Coal Hut is of the highest quality and great value for money. You can use house coal in a variety of appliances and open fires, but if you’re in a smoke control area, choose from our wide range of smokeless fuels.

All of our house coals come in 25Kg bags. You can order 10, 20 or 40 bags and depending on how many you buy you can save up to £70 on your order. Have a look at the full range and order your quality house coal today.