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Smokeless Coal London

Do you live within a smoke control area in London? Don’t worry! You too can enjoy the warm and cosy experience of high-quality fuels with Coal Hut’s smokeless coal range. It doesn’t matter your location, be it Kensington, Peckham, Camden, Shoreditch or beyond, we’ll deliver our amazing smokeless fuel, straight to your front door.

Smokeless Coal London

  1. Large Aga Nuts - Made from high-grade Welsh anthracite, this is a natural and clean burning smokeless coal for stoves, heaters, cookers and boilers. It achieved above average heat output, fire life and ash content ratings from us at Coal Hut, so quality is assured.
  2. Small Esse Nuts - The smaller version of our Large Aga Nuts. Small Esse Nuts burn with a low flame, making them the perfect fuel for multi-fuel stoves and room heaters. And what’s more, they have a long burn time, letting you simply light and relax in your warm and cosy London home.
  3. Wonderco - A smokeless coal best suited to open fires. Wonderco Smokeless Fuel gets hot FAST. As a result of the high fire-bed temperatures produced by Wonderco, Coal Hut recommends pairing this smokeless coal with other ash-bearing fuel to maintain fire life.
  4. Glolite - Glolite is perfect in every department. Achieving full marks in our heat output, fire life and ash content ratings, there’s nothing that this smokeless fuel can’t do. Although best suited to open fires, Glolite can also be used in a range of multi-fuel stoves.
  5. Anthracite Grains - Does your London abode have a gravity-fed boiler? If so, you need our Anthracite Grains. These small, uniformly-sized pieces of Welsh anthracite pack a real punch.
  6. Anthracite Beans - Slightly larger in size than our Anthracite Grains, Anthracite Beans produce a low flame, extended burn time and fine residual ash that is easy to clean.
  7. Homefire - A premium smokeless coal for those who long for luxury. Homefire Smokeless Fuel gives you the same experience of a traditional open fire with bituminous coal. Our London customers love using Homefire for their multi-fuel stoves.
  8. Burnglo Anthracite - A cheap, cheerful and dependable smokeless coal. Burnglo Anthracite is a standard quality smokeless fuel that performs adequately across all departments.
  9. Glovoids - A cost-effective alternative to our premium Small Esse Nuts. Glovoids performs best in closed appliances such as heaters, stoves and boilers.
  10. Phurnacite - Phurnacite is a smokeless coal with optimal heat output. For use in cookers, room heaters and multi-fuel stoves, the tight residual ash produced by Phurnacite is super easy to clean.

There you have it, our smokeless coal range for London customers. Order online at for fast delivery to Croydon, Barking, Newham and beyond!