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If you’re wondering where to buy smokeless coal have a look at the superb range we supply at We supply ten different types of coal that are all perfect for use in smoke control areas and prices start at as little as £6.50 a bag.

Wondering where to buy the best smokeless coal? offers the following choices in smokeless coal:

Homefire is a premium smokeless coal that lets you experience all the benefits of a traditional coal fire.  It can be used in open fires and multi-fuel stoves. It provides very good heat output and has a long fire life while producing little residual ash.

Small Esse Nuts are small to medium sized pieces of anthracite. They burn with a small flame with a good heat output and fire life. Small Esse Nuts are used in glass fronted and closed appliances.

Burnglo Anthracite is a popular value for money standard coal. It burns with a low flame and produces compact, residual ash. It’s used in glass fronted fires, room heaters, cookers and boilers.

Anthracite Grains are similar to anthracite beans and with the same properties although the pieces are slightly smaller.

Glovoids are manufactured ovoids that offer high heat and long fire life at a great price. They’re commonly used in closed appliances like heaters, stoves, cookers and boilers.

Phurnacite ovoids provide a high heat output and good fire life. Phurnacite produces a low ash content and is great for use in cookers, multi-fuel stoves and room heaters because its heat is easier to control than many other fuels.

Large Aga Nuts medium to large pieces of high-grade anthracite. They burn with a high heat, low flame and have a long burn time. Often used in closed and glass fronted appliances.

Glolite is a value for money manufactured coal that comes in oval shaped pieces. It’s easy to light and burns with a high heat over a long time. If you’re wondering where to buy smokeless coal that’s equally suitable for open fires and multi-fuel stoves, Glolite might be a perfect choice.

Wonderco is a petroleum coke fuel that produces a concentrated and high heat that makes it ideal for use alongside other fuels like kiln dried logs or Glolite.

If you want to buy smokeless coal at a great price choose All our smokeless coals come in 25kg bags in quantities of 20, 20 or 40 and the more you order the more you save. We deliver free right across the UK and Ireland and there are regular special offers on a variety coals and fuels. Our offers change regularly so keep an eye on our website and save even more money on your smokeless coal.