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Cheap coal at Coal Hut

With Coal Hut, “cheap” stands for great value for money. We supply the best quality coal and fuels for every household appliance. Order online to enjoy superb prices on premium coals and fuels for:

Open fires

There’s nothing like an open fire. And with the cheap coal prices you’ll find online at Coal Hut you can enjoy that warm, welcoming glow even more. Whether you need traditional or smokeless coal, you’ll find it on our website and at prices you’ll really warm to.

Stoves and closed appliances

We supply an extensive range of fuels and coals for glass-fronted stoves and other closed appliances. Whatever you need we’re sure you’ll find quickly it and without fuss on our easy to use website.

Heaters, cookers and boilers

Choose from a great range of cheap coals and logs that will efficiently fuel any appliance.

Gravity fed boilers

Our anthracite beans are perfect for your gravity fed boiler. They offer superb heat output to keep your home warm all year round.

Huge choice across our full range of fuels

Our prices on traditional fuels really help you keep the home fires burning. We offer a wide variety of coals, kiln-dried hardwood logs, briquettes, slack and heat logs.

Order cheap coal in quantities of 10, 20 or 40 bags. You’ll find an excellent choice of both traditional and smokeless coal. The more you order – the more you save.

Our kiln dried hardwood logs are dried to below 20% moisture content so they’re ready to burn right away and easy to light.

Heat logs are made from woodchip and sawdust from sustainably managed forests and come in quantities of 63 or 126 bales. They’re easy to light, burn completely and don’t leave soot.

Lignite briquettes

10 kg lignite briquettes come in 45 or 90 bale bundles and their long burn time makes them perfect for increasing the life of your fire.

Coal Hut customers know that not only do we supply a superb range of cheap coals and fuels but we pride ourselves on great customer service. If you need help or advice and can’t find the answer in the FAQ section of our website, simply contact us directly and we’ll do everything we can to help. Then simply place your order and we’ll deliver it to you wherever you are across the UK and Ireland.