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Coal For Sale Edinburgh

Coal Hut deliver our word class coal products to any location in Edinburgh. No matter where you live, be it Edinburgh Old Town, Newington, Dalry or beyond, you’ll be amazed by our fast delivery times. Browse through our list of industry-leading coals and order online today at

Coal for sale in Edinburgh

  1. Five Star Doubles - Five Star Doubles is famed for its high heat output, sustained burn time and tight, easy to clean ash content. Although slightly smaller in size than traditional coal, you can rest assured that it does not lack in performance.
  2. Colombian Group 2 Coal - Colombian coal is synonymous in quality. And this product is no exception. Comprised of large pieces that light effortlessly with a warm and inviting flame, Colombian Group 2 Coal oozes class and sophistication.
  3. House Coal - Perfect for those on a budget, House Coal is cost-effective-yet-dependable. Attaining commendable ratings in terms of heat output and fire life, this product really is a value for money.
  4. Singles - Singles can be used on its own in small open fires or pot-belly stoves. And what’s more, you can pair singles with other fuels to extend fire life, maintain a warm glow overnight or to tame a roaring fire.

If your house in Edinburgh is situated within a smoke control area, don’t worry. At, we also stock a range of smokeless coals - we bet you won’t be able to tell the difference! Check out some of our smokeless fuels below and order to Merchiston, Portobello or further afield.

Smokeless coal for sale in Edinburgh

  1. Anthracite Beans - Does your home in Edinburgh have a gravity-fed boiler? Great! Anthracite Beans is the perfect smokeless coal for you. Made from premium grade Welsh anthracite, its warm glow and extended fire life will keep your house warm for hours.
  2. Homefire - If you want the experience of a traditional open fire, Homefire Smokeless Fuel is the choice for you. Practically faultless in every department, there’s no denying that this is a premium fuel product.
  3. Wonderco - Producing a high flame with concentrated heat output, Wonderco is perfect smokeless coal to heat your home fast on those chilly winter nights.
  4. Glolite - Another premium smokeless coal for use in open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Glolite is another of our star buys as a result of its perfect heat output, burn time and ash content.

So, after having an insight into our range of coals and smokeless fuels, which one are you going to go for? If you haven’t found what you’re looking for already, be sure to visit where you can browse through the rest our of extensive fuel list.

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