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Phurnacite Coal


Phurnacite has been the country’s most popular smokeless fuel for well over half a century. It has an exceptionally high heat output and extremely long burn time. That makes it perfect for room heaters, cookers and multi-fuel stoves. Phurnacite produces only minimal amounts of compact residual ash. It’s a premium quality, hard, clean ovoid widely used in smoke control areas.

Another great quality of Phurnacite is that if banked correctly it can remain alight in a state of slumber for up to 18 hours. So if you’re going to bed or going to work, your heater, cooker or stove will still be alight when you return. It also produces an extremely consistent and controllable heat that you can increase or decrease much more easily than many other types of fuel.

What is Phurnacite?

Phurnacite is a manufactured ovoid made from compressed anthracite dust. Anthracite is the purest form of coal and has the highest energy density of any coal type with the exception of graphite. Consisting of between 92% and 98% carbon, anthracite has the highest carbon content of any coal. That means it does not produce tarry or hydrocarbon vapours. It burns with a clean blue flame that is short and smokeless. Discovered at the beginning of the 19th century it wasn’t until midway through the 20th century that anthracite dust was compressed and bound to produce Phurnacite.


Phurnacite’s high heat output and long burn combined with its controllability make it the perfect choice for room heaters, multi-fuel stoves and cookers. It doesn’t produce smoke or vapours so it won’t harm either your health or the environment. In fact, Phurnacite produces 20% less carbon monoxide than normal house coal and complies with the 1956 clean air act. That’s why it’s been so popular for over 50 years and is the most popular fuel in smoke control areas.

Superb efficiency and great value for money

Because Phurnacite burns with more heat and for longer than many other forms of coal, it’s extremely efficient and cost-effective. It leaves a very low ash content so reduces both cleaning and residual waste. We supply Phurnacite in 25kg bags. Order 10, 20 or 40 bags from and we’ll deliver straight to your door anywhere in the UK or Ireland. If you want a clean-burning, efficient fuel for your cooker, room heater or multi-fuel stove, order Phurnacite from